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commission of a crime but the most americans agree with those laws. at the city of richmond was one of the first cities in the nation to have enhanced punishment for the use of a weapon. it is true that some people dismiss use weapons and some is use a car, but as a fundamental right under our constitution according to our supreme court and to possess a gun. this amendment makes sense and every level to me that if i go through the process and of getting concealed carry permits in south carolina with a and go to another state that has a similar law with that automatically get the benefit of that long. so i don't know the law is a man carrying a gun was in the central park in new york. i notice that if you got a permit to carry a gun in south dakota for south carolina and you go to new york you don't have any greater right then
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york. and i also understand that whatever federal restrictions on gun ownership that exist on not changed by this. so this is pretty common sense to me. that of someone whom goes through the process of getting a permanent to carry a weapon in their own state they to sugo to another state, that automatically get the benefit of the state's law when it comes to conceal kerry and don't get any more, they don't get any less committed maybe less than i would have in south carolina but because we are a group of people who traveled around the is it among ourselves this federal legislation allows us to go from one say to the next and get the benefit of a law that makes this when it comes to conceal kerry but the precondition is you have to have that permit in your own state and go to the rigors of getting that. so anybody who says this makes america less so say what makes
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no sense to me. whenever gun crimes are being committed out there that are not being committed wasn't overwhelming general rule of the people who have gone to the process of getting a permit to carry a weapon. said to me this makes sense and i want to congratulate my friend from south dakota the two dozen men that i think most americans would agree with. you have allowed the american public to be able to travel and get the benefit of whatever law exists in the state when it comes to carry a weapon, no more no less. and assignments that somehow people are going to start hearing a bunch of weapons across the border makes no sense because whenever federal restrictions by their own up arms trafficking still stands. so at the end of the day this legislation will help people who follow the law and a big gun
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laws, help them be able to shovelful of the country without tripping themselves up and getting in trouble when they don't mean to get in trouble. and if you did not have this, it is a mess. what we're trying to do is provide some clarity and to gun ownership in america who are not in his inability to commit a crime quite frankly it is the other way. and if everybody had the same attitude about gun ownership of his people to get a permit the country would be okay, we're not changing any law that regulates trafficking of firearms in not allowing criminals to get access to guns. we're simply allowing people who go to the process of getting a permit in their own state to travel to any state in the union that has a similar law to benefit a lot and that will make life better for them, and will make life better in terms of legal compliance and i think it is a proper role for the federal government to play. it does in his heart second amendment rise, it doesn't change them in a way that makes
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america less safe. it allows people who are going to do the right thing to do was to do the right thing with some knowledge as to what the right thing is. so senator soon as of the country a great service and i think we will have a big vote will cross party lines and you don't have to agree with my right to carry a weapon and lawfully. imminent use that same right for yourself with that is kind of what may is the country say the. great. the ability for one citizen to understand that even though i would make that choice allowing me to make edgewise possibly i will allow a to do that, that is what makes this a special place so that i yield. we commend the senator from california -- illinois kim and mr. president, how much time is remaining. >> 27 minutes. >> mr. president, a lead to save the record and have many more democrats seeking time and
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talent to alert those were coming to the floor that they're going to have to exempt the time, we didn't have all the time we hope for and ask each speaker to try to breed their timing. i yield to senator feinstein and 15 minutes and hope that she would yield back the sizable portion of it. >> and i told you i will do the best i can. thank you mr. president. obviously our right to speak in opposition to this amendment. if passed this amendment would require states like mine california to allow people with a concealed weapon permits from other states to carry a concealed gun or guns even if they fail to meet california's stringent requirements for obtaining a permit to. with her in the center of south dakota said that 5 million people across this nation have speed and permits, we counted 25 and came to 4 million but let's say four or 5 million do hold a
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week concealed weapons purvis in the u.s. so this is no minor shift in policy. it, in fact, would be a sweeping change and i think with some family consequences. i believe this is a grave threat to public safety. i do not believe enhances public safety and i believe it is completely undermines the right to state government to protect public safety. this amendment essentially over trans this tennis and regulations that many states have enacted to prevent the concealed weapons from falling into the wrong hands. of this is not a philosophical debate. is a matter of life and death. my home state californium says a very high bar for those who wish to obtain a concealed weapon permit. it does not honor permits granted elsewhere.
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what, in fact, only 40,000 permits have been printed in california. we have 30.2 million people, contrasted this with florida become estate of about half that number 18 million people has 580,000 permits. and georgia has 300,000. california, the most populous state, has 40,000. california's strict rules ensure that felons, the mentally ill and people who have convicted of certain misdemeanor offenses are considered a threat to others are automatically disqualified. those who do meet the qualifications do not automatically receive a permit to. in order to obtain a concealed weapon permit in california an applicant must undergo fingerprinting but passing through federal background
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check, complete a course of gun training run, be considered a person of good moral character by the local sheriff, and just as an burnley demonstrate a good cause for needing a concealed weapon permits. this gives local authorities discretion to decide who should obtain a concealed weapon permits. this amendment will force california to honor permits issued by all other states including those which allow minors, convicted criminals and people with no fire arms training will to carry concealed weapons. only the time and place requirements and the state would remain intact with under an the thune amendment and by this i mean that the state of south carolina had a provision of the two could not carry a weapon into an office building that was government owned that that would
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remain in the state to which the gun or guns with them kerry. this isn't just bad policy, it is extremely dangerous policy. it this thune amendment is designed to undermine the rights of states to determine their own rules and regulations for concealed weapons permits. here we have people who believe in states' rights that when it comes to something they really want to are willing to pounce on states' rights and destroy them. california standards and i admit are tougher than most but many other states with routinely deny concealed weapon permits for various reasons. eighteen states prohibit alcohol abusers from obtaining concealed carry permits. twenty-four states prohibit a person is convicted and misdemeanors from carrying concealed weapons. 19 states require complete --
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completion of gun safety programs. the thune amendment obliterates the use public safety standards. it is important to note maine eight states voluntarily honor concealed weapon permits to carry in any of this a. and other 29 states recognize permits issued by states with similar or equivalent concealed weapon permit standards. but 13 states including california to not to recognize in the out of state permit. these days have any choice about what is best for their citizens and that twice on to be respected. this amendment says that the use of california shares, please, a gunner and people don't matter. but the views of those who
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promote guns do matter. i cannot say that. if this amendment were to pass it would possibly among those with the concealed carry permits to bring one more assault weapon into our state. which has an assault weapon ban. we have consulted with the congressional research service and here is what they say about this and i quote -- the amendment would appear to have a pre-emptive attack on stay reciprocity los regulations because it would appear to require the states which have more stringent eligibility requirements for concealed carry to recognize the premise of other states with the eligibility requirements aren't less stringent -- this is a torrent quote and it continues. it could be argued that the language of this amendment is broad enough of such that it would allow certain firearms
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that are banned from purchase or position in one state to be brought into that state. for example, one could legally purchase, possess and carrying a concealed permit for a fire arm that is banned in states like california, connecticut, hawaii, massachusetts, new jersey and new york -- and that is not my statement, that is crs said it places in jeopardy the states and the assault weapons and control of this nation. i don't know whether that was intended or not, yet so it
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supercede state assault weapon bans perrin woof and i believe they will be brought into california will should this legislation pass. and particularly those days of which california is one our border states where we see the movement of guns back and forth well mainly down mexico this also provides a route to conduit guns down in that country. we will some say in the armed society is a polite society and they portray concealed weapons carriers as responsible citizens were simply exercising their right. earlier this morning on tv and heard a senator say that only good responsible people have these permits. not that is simply not true. living even example -- in april of this man twice killed the
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three pittsburgh police officers. he had a right to carry concealed firearm in pennsylvania. despite having been discharged from of the marine corps during basic training. he was also subject to a protection from abuse order filed by the next girlfriend. he killed three pittsburgh police officers. he was saying concealed weapons -- concealed carry per monte. it in march michael killed 11 people including the wife of a deputy sheriff before taking his own life following a gunbattle with police in alabama. where he had a concealed weapons permit. this is his picture with, he killed 10 people in rural alabama including his mother it and five family members.
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he was a concealed weapon permit t. the sooner i hear people on television saying only the good people get these permits, that is simply not true. one in my view these unstable man should have never been permitted to own any weapons for any reasons and, of course, in february of this year frank garcia of killed four people in a shooting rampage in an upstate new york. he held wrote concealed carry permits. we would i think these tragedies quote and totally as i understand 26 people have been killed this year by people who carry concealed weapons. we don't want others these concealed weapons permit the use in this state of california. we have 30 million people.
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is a diverse disparate population, guns do not help. i believe it is unlikely that these men and would have obtained a concealed weapons permits in my state and candidly we want to keep it that way. no mr. president, what i would like to submit for the record a letter from the governor of our state on all schwarzenegger opposes this amendment along with 400 united states mayors and the international police chiefs association and zaun. and believe the amendment is reckless and irresponsible and, i move it will lead to more weapons and more violence in the streets of our nation. and mr. president and i hope and pray that this body will turn down this very ill-advised amendment. thank you, a yield the floor. >> and the time remaining is 25
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minutes four seconds. >> on the other side? q1 32 minutes 37 seconds. >> of mr. president de, i yield up to 15 minutes gimmicks senator of virginia. >> mr. president, i rise some support of this moment. i'm believe when it is reasonable what we, believe it is not as draconian in its implications as many of my colleagues of whom i greatly respect in terms of their concerns are anticipating the. i would also like to say there has been a lot of misinformation on the senate floor about this amendment to the effect it will allow felons and people are mentally defective and another dangerous individuals to carry weapons on the streets of american cities and also to buy a branson chance for them to places with the senator schumer mentioned like new york city
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and. my colleague from new york gave an example about in his terms with establishing residency would then create a permanent to carry a weapon with impunity. and think the reality will of the particular situation is the gang members have their guns. they don't need this bill will. in fact, this amendment has protections that would prevent those who engage in criminal activity such as gay members when taking advantage of this legislation. with respect to standards of conduct, and specs of criminality in issues of mental health is important to note that there is a federal floor and jenny this amendment that guarantees certain standards met regardless of during state
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standards. if you read the eminent in states along that a person who was not prohibited by federal long from possessing, transporting, shipping and receiving a fire arm any other conditions that may be granted reciprocity. if you going to the federal with blond wood and am going to read from her 27 cera our section 4781 this is the current standard in terms of being able to possess a firearm or ammunition. anyone who has been convicted in any court of a crime punishable by imprisonment or exceeding one year not possess a firearm. anyone who is a fugitive from justice and unlawful use her went to to control substance will adjudicated as mentally defective are committed to a mental institution, anyone who is an alien illegally quote were
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admitted him to the u.s. and non it an increase of four discharge under this honorable conditions are having a citizenship of the u.s. having renounced that citizenship, any was subject to a court order that restrains the person for enhancing or threatening an intimate partner or child, and such an intimate partners are convicted of a misdemeanor crime of domestic violence cannot lawfully receive possess or chance point a fire arm. in addition the personnel under indictment with or information were punishable by imprisonment with cannot lawfully receive a fire arm. it those rare are the federal guarantee aswirl the floor under which this reciprocity legislation operates.
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senator lautenberg has said in his comments that passing this legislation is akin to allowing someone from another state to come into your state and follow their speed limits. this is not an accurate interpretation of this moment. this specifically provides that anyone carrying a firearm into another state must all the laws regarding firms uses in that state and i quote from the imminent in a state that allows residents to obtain licenses or permits to carry concealed weapons in person gain reciprocity is entitled to carry a firearm subject to the same laws and conditions beckham in specific places and manner in which it may be carried one of the say in which the firm is caring. i would say it but the better analogy and work is the driver's licensing process itself, the states decide the conditions under which they can be granted within nature of interstate
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travel allows license to another state and recognize across the country so long as the holders be of the loss of the state in which there driving. , i also keep hearing this amendment will increase the number of purchases of handguns and other weapons. one of like to clarify as someone who holds a concealed carry permit me to carry does not allow anyone to purchase a firearm automatically. one still has to go to the entire process with a background checks as if he did not have a permit. illegal firearms sale my separate matter of this body to address. one that we clearly should be focusing on what they fall outside the parameters of this amendment. want the issue of gun usage in
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our country understandably divides me. we usually of the lines of those who believe any relaxation of gun laws will benefit from violent activity in worse is those who believe gun laws need to be modified to allow law-abiding people to defend themselves i have a great deal of emphasis with those who been the victims of gun violence and have worked with citizen groups as well as on governor in the aftermath of the virginia tech shootings to focus our approach it is significant improvements in the losses include a working to modify privacy laws which was the primary concern in the virginia tech shooting and improve in in some background check process and will continue to work on these areas. i also believe strongly with the violence we see in our streets and our neighborhoods must be addressed but very little about
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it has been caused by the 60 permits to carry and as i mentioned before the people who are perpetrating that violence are and have their guns. their access is a matter we should focus on. but few criminals are going to go down to the courthouse and the 60 permits to carry and who are within and the federal guidelines specifically address in this bill seems to do so long to protect themselves and the models we see on our streets. i've been saying one of look at this amendment a couple clear examples come to mind. one as my father will who in his later years lived in florida and then arkansas but no drive alone in his car and visit me and my brother who lives in minnesota. that was usually into a churning. my father was older one, he was by himself and the car, he was a
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classic targets were potential criminal activity. he carry a firearm when he traveled and when he stopped at night he went to a motel and check to the motel and people will start looking into. and i don't think that people who are in that situation the two wonder if they're committing a felony. by having to be a will to defend themselves when they're in that situation. some male suit comes to mind when of the truck drivers that we see on the rose any time we're on the interstate. these are independent contractors of their making a living in the hard way. the cause of the across state boundaries. then have to worry about whether their cars are going to break down and have to wonder whether they might be victimized as they go to sleep in the cannon of their truck. they can legally carry many of
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them and their own state because they have to worry if they crossed another state boundary trying to defend themselves in committing a felony. this is the type of situation that i believe this legislation is attempting to undress. i believe it will have a beneficial effect and that we need to work together in this body to address other situations of gun violence in this country one and i am glad to have and never in sight i can have two this body to do so the support this legislation and will vote for it. >> you have nine minutes to the center from new jersey. >> mr. president i come to the floor saddened by the tragic
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death yesterday of a mark, one of five of the jerseys the finest police officers shot last week by a gunman. he was killed not by a law-abiding gun owners and a sportsman or a hundred like millions of americans but by one loan on the man who was willing to pull the trigger to kill another human being in cold blood. last night with a 94 gunshots were fired in jersey city and anywhere three people were victims of gun violence and the statistics are staggering. in one year 30,000 in hundred 96 people died from gun violence and 12,791 were murdered. another 69,863 people survived and injuries. 14,676 people were injured in a gun attack. according to the. campaign in one. 20,784 american children and teenagers for shot and murdered
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an assault, suicides and accidents, police intervention. homicide was the second leading cause of death for young people from ages 10 to 24 years old, and 84 percent of the victims were killed by firearms. and amazingly fire on homicide is the second leading cause of death for young people ages one to 19. these numbers are shocking. mr. president, i think about what this does, and i cannot help but ask who is it that feels the need to carry a concealed weapon and for what purpose? one must ask how we would ever want to permit as a matter not of state but federal law those whose motives may not be purer with to walk into a playground or private stadium in any state license under federal law carry a concealed weapon in their coat
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pocket or nine. to be honestly believe that person will be the priest or rabbi? do we think will be the mother taking her jonassaint i have the huskies and myself on? libby the law-abiding sportsmen to use their guns were for a time it practice? don't need to conceal their weapons. so would we really think will benefit from this amendment? whom we believe will carry a concealed and perhaps into a playground or a stadium. it will not be that mother or the hunter or that's portman. as president of the break campaign so aptly pointed out in will be someone like richard the white supremacist armed with ak-47 who allegedly murdered three pittsburgh police officers on his front porch. he was a concealed carry permit holder. he will be


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